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If you were around me this fall, you know I was bit of a lost soul - creatively, career-wise, and directional. While I tried my best at being ok with the sense of lost, even embracing it, I thought some light reading would help. Like any Pinterest searcher, I stumbled upon a few #girlboss reading lists, but I quickly learned that I was more on the hunt for authentic reviews, from friends and family on books, blogs, podcasts, and zines. I was looking for something to push (maybe even force) me to reflect on myself. Specifically, I was on the hunt for reading that didn't have all the cheesey-ness of original self-help books or was excessively girl power themed.

Big Magic Macher Studio Blog

With that said, I received some amazing feedback! Thank you to everyone who commented or messaged me their thoughts and reviews. This list is a compilation of those reviews and suggestions. There were also great podcasts and just general inspirational women suggested, but we'll save that for another post!

The first book that caught my attention was Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was exactly what I needed to get my brain thinking at the time. Next up was I am that Girl by Alexis Jones which gave me a little extra boost of courage, a review on the good type of selfishness, and stories of other artists and creatives. 

As well as book reading, I went back through my sketch journals from years past (there was some insightful nonsense I wrote about). Then, I rounded out that self-reflection phase, by writing. I brainstormed again why Maslow was so appealing to me during my thesis project. I wrote about what pisses me off in this crazy world. I wrote about why I find human experiences, our senses, and our tools for communication so interesting. And over and over I went. 

I've only just dove into this list and have quite a few more to read. While I tackle this book list, I'd love to hear if you have recommendations or found great books recently that speak to your creative and entreupreneur ambitions. Even if they just speak to self-discovery - I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. 


Book List

Books I've Read + Fully recommend

Other Book Recommendations from Friends and Family (still need to get to)

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I am that Girl by Alexis Jones

Conscious Living by Gay Hendricks

Introverts at Work by Kristen Kalp

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield