Geometric Backdrop DIY

I guess you could say I'm nuts about minimalistic and geometric designs - so this DIY project has it all for me! Its a green + white ombre photo backdrop made entirely of paper and super easy to install. Plus, the biggest thing I love about this DIY is that it's completely customizable! Pick your favorite color, pattern, size, to create a new overall design. 



12”x12” Cardstock / Painter's Tape / Double-­sided Tape / Paper Trimmer / a Sheet of Foamcore OR Clean Wall.


DIY Geometric Backdrop for Ruffled Blog

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Geometric Backdrop DIY - Macher

01 / For this project, you will need 12”x12” cardstock, Painters Tape, Double-­sided tape, Paper trimmer, and a sheet of Foam
Core (Optional) or clean wall.

02 / Trim up cardstock if it has extra length for the barcode or tags, so it is truly a 12"x12" piece of paper (note: not all cardstock will need this)

03 / Cut cardstock into four equal squares (this should give you 4 - 6"x6" pieces)

04 / Fold each 6"x6" square diagonally. Attach 2 pieces of double sided tape on one side of the triangle

05 / Repeat steps 02 - 04 until all paper is cut and prepped for installation. 

06 / Prep the foamcore or wall with painter's tape (this is where you will stick the paper and the painter's tape will protect the wall when you take backdrop off). In a pattern of your choosing, place all the paper pieces onto the wall - changing between colors. 

Bonus Tip: Using foamcore as the backing to the installation will allow you to move and keep your backdrop for future use.