Gin before Noon


Who says you can't have a drink before noon? Brunch on a Sunday sounds like the perfect time. Plus, with something bubbly and fruity, its perfect for an early sipper. This Grapefruit Gin recipe is simple and fresh. Who has time to gather 10 different ingredients? I like to get straight to the point and let the spirits do most the talking. 

Gin before Noon - Macher Cocktail - Triangle Graphic Design
Gin before Noon - Macher Studio Cocktail
Gin before Noon - Macher Studio Cocktail


1 Shot of Floral Gin (Bouck Bros)

1 splash of mint syrup

1/2 squeezed lemon

top off with your favorite grapefruit sparkling water

Bonus Tip: try a new flavored spritz - mix up for a seasonal taste!


With a recent exploratory trip to Idaho Springs, I stumbled upon a local distillery - Bouck Brothers Distillery. They had a few tasty whiskey classics but their Pink Bear Gin stole the show. Their botanical recipe includes juniper berries, hibiscus flower, cinnamon, coriander, and rosemary. Its a subtle and junipery gin, but gets its color and special flavor from real hibiscus flowers!