Strawberry Lemonade

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During a recent road adventure north, to Montana, I hit up the ol' google and was curious to see what type of local distilleries we would come across over our 13 hour (well 17 hours due to a snowstorm) drive. As you can only imagine, there wasn't too many choices driving through Wyoming and eastern Montana. Maybe a handful of them were along our route, so I quickly reviewed them over Instagram to see which ones jumped out at me, for one reason or another (I'm sucker for a great label and bottle design). I was lucky enough to discover, Backwards Distilling Co out of Mills, WY - just off the interstate. But the aforementioned snow storm hit us quickly and any side detours were quickly abandoned. Thankfully, after a safe drive to and from Montana, I was able to snag a bottle back in Denver and test it out myself. I grabbed their Ringleader Vodka to start!


Ringleader Vodka

On the Nose: A soft crisp grain note with an underlying hint of butterscotch, without the medicinal astringency found in some vodka.

On the palate: Velvety smooth with a delicate, slightly sweet grain profile without any harshness that makes way for a luscious finish

Finish: A pleasantly soft and lingering finish transforming from grain to vanilla with no burn.   

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3 oz sparkling pink lemonade

1 oz vodka (Backwards Ringleader Vodka)

1 1/4 oz strawberry juice (Trader Joe's Strawberry Chia)

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

garnish: lemon wheel and strawberry

Add all ingredients except lemonade into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a glass. Top with lemonade and stir. Garnish.


To find a recipe, I quickly jumped to Craft and Cocktail to see what vodka recipes she had stored. I fell in love with her Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Lemonade but knew I couldn't get all the ingredients at Trader Joes (its Sunday... I'm a bit lazy... and can't puree anything at the moment). So I did a quick modification. I substituted Sparkling Pink Lemonade for Rose, added a bit more vodka since the Rose was gone, and grabbed a pre-made puree instead of making one myself. Wham, bam, new recipe! 

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