Red, Red Wine

Macher Glass Collection Art

Style + voice

One of my 2018 goals is to develop my photography voice (that's a thing, right?!) I want to find a beautiful balance of my various styles - minimalistic, bold colors, and moody tones - to define my own voice out there, in this crazy social media world we live in.

To start, I've thrown myself into a few new adventures. I jumped at the chance to photograph a friend's concert, I've been helping friends launch start ups and websites, and now I'm trying to mix my knowledge of art and design into cocktail styling. I'm grabbing inspiration from what I love (interiors, minimalistic design, and still-lifes) while doing my best not to compare myself to others in the process. In this Red, Red Wine case study - so to speak - I explored color, variation, and texture, before I even looked at cocktail recipes and booze (yes, this isn't actually wine, just food coloring - see below!). I'm hoping this balance of experimentation and direction will allow me to push the norm of how we see and style food and drinks, for social media and marketing. 

- Here is a quick behind the scenes look at my editing of these rich, red tones. - 


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