Don’t Give a Fig Cocktail

Sometimes you gotta break the rules. Can’t cocktails be appetizers too?

I recently team up with Emilie Aries from Bossed Up and Lyndse Yess from LY Floral Studio to throw a Creepy and Class AF Halloween Cocktail Party for our close friends in Denver. As the cocktail gal in the group, I was in charge of whipping up a few drinks for the crew. For my second drink of the night, Don’t Give a Fig, I wanted to really dive into the fall theme and treat these cocktails like appetizers. I was on the hunt to find a recipe with rich flavors, spiciness, and (because I’m a designer first) something that was orange, warm-toned, and went with the other appetizers we were presenting. Since fresh figs were nowhere to be found, I had to adapt and mash up a few recipes. Have you tried fig preserves or fig butter?! If not, grab some for this cocktail or for your next PB&J. It won’t disappoint. They’re pretty flavorful so I used a few vintage cordial glasses so guests could take a sampling rather than jumping in fully to a large glass. And if spiciness isn’t your jam (ha - pun intended) you can use a white rum and a sweeter jam instead.

Fig and Rum Cocktail
Fig and Rum Cocktail

Don’t give a fig

2 1/2 oz dark rum

a healthy tablespoon of Fig Butter or Preserve

a few generous dashes of Strongwater’s Fire Tamer

Garnish: a sprig of thyme or a spoon full of Fig Butter

Add bitters and fig butter into mixing glass and muddle (thyme too if you garnish with it). Place the rum and ice in the glass and mix with bar spoon. Double strain into an old fashioned glass over a large ice cube or for extra fun, into an eclectic assortment of cordial glasses. Garnish.

Fig and Rum Cocktail

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