Up All Night Cocktail

Ready to try something new? Let’s mix Red Wine and Coffee!

So you’re in luck. I recently team up with Emilie Aries from Bossed Up and Lyndse Yess from LY Floral Studio to throw a Creepy and Class AF Halloween Cocktail Party for our close friends in Denver. As the cocktail gal in the group, I was in charge of whipping up a few drinks for the crew.

This Up All Night Cocktail was a fun spin on your classic red wine and my favorite morning drink - coffee! Yes, this combo sounds crazy and who would try this? But apparently it really took off a few years ago. I’ve somehow made it into this industry without mixing two of my favorite drinks before. So I dare you!

To make this drink, all you need is your favorite red wine, brew up your own delicious coffee, and mix in some classy vodka. If you are a sweet coffee drinker, you’ll probably want to throw in a little simple syrup too. I nixed the syrup for this one, but added in coconut vodka instead. Oh so good!

And if you need another excuse to try this, it has a health bonus. The combo of coffee and wine make up one hell of an antioxidant-rich concoction. Beware though, that first sip will take you by surprise. You’ll definitely get all those wine notes up front, then it will slowly turn to rich coffee and sweetness.

Red Wine and Coffee Cocktail
Coffee and Red Wine Cocktail
Red Wine and Coffee Cocktail

Up All Night

1 oz. Coffee (or cold brew)

1 oz. Red Wine

1/2 oz. Vodka

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

Optional: a few dashes of Sip Strongwater Amores - just to add a little more depth and character.

Garnish: a sweet chocolate to eat or a paper bat!

Chill coffee to room temperature. Mix all ingredients, pour into fun coupes or your favorite cocktail glass, and garnish. Easy peasy.

Red Wine and Coffee Cocktail

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