Blackberry, Mint, & Lime Sipper




In collaboration with Sipp Sparkling Organics, I whipped up a super simple cocktail for your next warm afternoon in the sun. Their Mojo Berry organic soda is 100% delicious on its own (a perfectly lovely layering of tangy blackberry, mint & lime), but throw in a little of your favorite vodka and a fresh squeeze of lime juice, and you'll impress yourself and any bruchin' friend. My favorite part, grab a bowl full of fresh blackberries and fruit to nibble on in-between each sip. Plus, this is just one of their numerous flavors - I have a few more on hand to sample and test in another new cocktail! 


mojo Berry cocktail

1.5 oz vodka
4-5 oz Sipp's Mojo Berry Soda
1/2 a lime
mint and blackberries for garnish and nibbles

In a chilled glass, add vodka. Top off with chilled soda. Squeeze in lime to taste. Garnish with mint and blackberries. Sipp and enjoy!