Bear Creek | Barkeep's Breakfast


Nestled in the south side of Denver, Bear Creek Distillery is producing award winning spirits, from grain to bottle. Although small, the facility packs a lot into their brand and space. From rum and vodka to rye whiskey to wheat, they cover a wide palette... even including a tastefully aged straight bourbon (beautifully packaged, if I may). With Colorado style throughout, they effortlessly mix modern branding with rustic and reclaimed finishes. Each surface you touch, or set your drink on, is textural, warm, and inviting. 

Wheat Whiskey

After an in-depth tour, which included testing some of the booze right out of the spigot, I grabbed their wheat whiskey to take home.

"BCD Wheat Whiskey is distilled one batch at a time from a wash of 100% organic whole wheat. Like our rye whiskey it is then matured in new American White Oak 30 gallon barrels. Once matured, each 30 gallon batch is down proofed to 90 proof and becomes its own batch. The mashing and distillation process remains the same batch to batch but having originated from a single barrel allows the whiskey to develop a slightly different flavor profile between batches."

Although uber delicious served neat in a rocks glass, testing and mixing their Wheat Whiskey into a cocktail was unavoidable :) 


I recently bought Maggie Hoffman's The One Bottle Cocktail book and fell head over heals for her approachable yet complex flavored recipes. With my new mixing glass in hand (Analog Mercantile), I jumped at her breakfast recipe. I find her recipes super conveniant because, besides the booze, I can grab everything from the grocery store next door. There is a little infusing, a little stirring, and a lot of tasting. Winning!


Barkeep's Breakfast

1/4 oz honey
1/4 oz fresh orange juice
4 oz earl grey infused BCD Wheat Whiskey
garnish with fresh cinnamon

+ Combine honey & orange juice in mixing glass (stir to loosen)
+ Add infused whiskey and fill with ice. Stir until chilled - 30 revolutions.
+ Strain into ice-filled rocks glass

Infused Whiskey (for 2 drinks)
+ Combine 8 oz BCD Wheat Whiskey and 1 tea bag in glass/jar. Let sit at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Remove tea bag and strain. (FYI - I left mine in for an hour and was totally satisfied with the flavor.)


Check out Bear Creek Distilling to shop all their spirits or visit them at their Distillery in southern Denver. It won't disappoint!