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Wisconsin Rum

While running back to my home state to visit family and explore more of northern Wisconsin, I decided I couldn’t come back without a sampling of local spirits. Yes, I mostly use booze from craft distilleries here in the Rocky Mountains (it's where I live now), I had to see what a good midwest selection would taste like. So, I picked up Great Northern’s Opportunity Rum and wanted to give it a spin in a fresh, summer cocktail - Near Miss


Opportunity Rum

Sweet - Flavorful - Aged

"Rum was going to be a "one time only" spirit for Great Northern Distilling because cane sugar and molasses can't be sourced from local farmers in Wisconsin. When about two tons of sugar came our way from a local food warehouse, Opportunity Rum was born. Distilled from a wash of cane sugar, baking molasses, blackstrap molasses and a Caribbean rum yeast, the spirit is sweet and flavorful right off the still. We then age it in used Koval Distillery whiskey barrels until it achieves a deep honey color. The result is a smooth rum with a balanced combination of molasses notes and barrel flavors."

Macher - Great Northern Rum