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Macher - Discover Denver - Bang Up to the Elephant

curiosity didn't kill the cat

Something I’ve been doing for awhile now, but not really posting about it here, is that I let my curiosity lead me to my next adventure. While you may typically see adventurous people out in the mountains, climbing crazy landscapes, I thrive at adventuring in cities (although, I love a good mountain, from the car or gondola that is). I come from a background in Interior Design and when I can submerge myself in a new, well-detailed, and thoughtful interior environment, I jump at the chance to explore. And first up on my list of many, is Bang Up to the Elephant

A few things that led me to seek out this place:

  1. They have no signage, just a minimalistic mural painted on its exterior. It’s like a speakeasy, but for doughnuts and coffee in the morning and Caribbean bar vibes in the evenings. It feels exclusive - like you have to know someone or have seen something about it to really know it exists. And that makes it cool!

  2. The name - I mean, where do you come up with a name like “Bang Up to the Elephant”?!

  3. We live in Colorado - a place for old cafes, lodge themed hotels, dive bars, and your occasional hipster shop. Beach shack food, neighborhood tropical bar, and the idea that “Denver needs an ocean” speak to a totally different vibe. And if it doesn’t fit into a predesigned mold - then I’m interested. 


The Experience

The interior is awakening, to say the least. With only a small street façade, the tall ceilings and large interior WOW you from the beginning. You are also hit with ocean blue walls, ceiling installations that capture and bounce the light around, pops of tropical colors (but not overwhelming - specifically selected pinks, greens and golds to nod at the theme) and a lush green wall to anchor the back.

Then, right when you think the experience can't get any better, you make a pit stop to the bathroom. Porta-potty styled doors remind you one more time that you may have just left Denver and entered a secret ocean oasis.

Macher - Discover Denver - Bang Up to the Elephant

Favorite Cocktail - Nose Ender

tequila + cream of coconut + lime + serrano pepper | all served in a thai coconut

Macher - Discover Denver - Bang Up to the Elephant

Have you discovered this Denver, Caribbean oasis yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts here, or on Instagram. OR if you have a new place I should check out, please leave me a note below. I'd love to explore the places you love too!