6 Last Minute, Easy Booze Options that aren't Beer


Don’t feel like taking a beer to your next get together, but want something just as easy to grab? Here are my current favorite and simple ways to imbibe when your looking for something easy, quick, and still tasty.


Grab a local Cider

When in doubt… grab a flavorful cider. There are tons of options out there (local and national brands) that range in taste from anywhere between dry to super sweet. The options are vast. Craft cideries are producing traditional blends, seasonal ciders, and even experimenting with unique flavors.

This Chille Guava Apple Cider from Stem Ciders, is infused with Guajillo Chiles - that adds a little extra kick to each sip.

Saké anyone?

This one is new for me. Coming from central Wisconsin, saké wasn’t something I would typically find on a local menu. As an adult, I find it quite intimidating, but that’s just because its new to me. Luckily, I stumbled upon a neighborhood liquor store that was stocking these small canned options. (There was even a single serving juice pack full of saké there too!)

This Kibo Junmai Saké is a light-to-medium bodied saké hints of honey, roasted nuts and dried fruit. Its such a perfect, portable option for upcoming summer activites.


Bubbles in a Can

You’ve probably seen these Underwood minimalistic branded cans around, full of all different flavors of wine. Their motto is “Wine doesn’t have to be this hard.” and boy are they preaching to the right choir here. So, I know what flavor profile of wine I like (Cab Sav for the win) but after that, I can barely tell you the difference between a cheap and expensive bottle. So why not simplify it for me. Offer up something easy, delicious, and super approachable - plus I can try it in a small version before forking over dough for a full bottle.

So, if you are more of a wine imbiber, grab yourself a canned wine! Take it with you on an adventure where other wines dare not travel.

Canned Cocktails

Mixing cocktails just got a whole lot easier! These days, you don’t have to go out and purchase all these ingredients, buy all the various booze bottles that it takes to make one drink, and then prepare yourself to hand-wash glassware later. You can get a cocktail handcrafted for you, in a can.

There is vodka and soda in a can, margaritas in a can, and even this flavor-packed Vodka, Cucumber, Elderflower, Lime & Mint cocktail waiting for you in the frig. Chilled to perfection already.


Try something new

Head to the refrigerator aisle in your neighborhood liquor store, and look for something new, eye-catching, and different - like this Shacksbury Rosé Cider. It caught my eye instantly with its modern, colorful packaging. You aren’t going to learn about new products without taking a risk every now and again. Luckily for us, they sell individual cans and bottles these days - that way you don’t have to commit to a pack of 4 or 6 on something you might like, might not like. Grab a few new options, then share them with friends!

2 Ingredient Cocktail

Can’t bear the thought of bringing a canned beverage to your next shindig? That’s ok. Just step up your cocktail mixing skills by upgrading your booze. You can never go wrong with a classic, but if you’re nervous it isn’t special or unique enough (everyone’s had a gin and tonic before) then grab something unique off the shelf. Don’t reach for that big generic bottle of gin, look for a new one. Look for something with an enticing flavor profile or bring something local. Make it a conversation starter. Then whip up a classy AF G&T for yourself and fellow imbibers and throw in a seasonal garnish for bonus points.

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Have you tried any of these options before? Or do you have other recommendations for easy, boozy alternatives to canned beer? Hit me up in the comments below or find me on Instagram @macherstudio to let me know about your favorites!


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