Matcha Grasshopper

Matcha Grasshopper

My Grandmother and her Grasshopper

I was introduced to the Grasshopper cocktail at the ripe old age of 10 years old (give or take). Heading out to a family dinner in northern Wisconsin, I got my first real look at this bold green drink when my grandmother ordered it after dinner. Not really knowing she ordered an ‘adult beverage’ all of us cousins stared at her, drooling over this melted ice cream styled dessert. As she chatted and gossiped, she snuck us all over, one by one, so we could try the tiniest of sips. And when you’re that young, the sweetest things were the best desserts.


Modified Grasshopper

Now originally, the Grasshopper Cocktail got its name from it’s green color, which typically comes from crème de menthe (it gets that ‘melted ice cream vibe with the cream you add in). Wanting to keep the green color, but mix it up a bit, I created a recipe based on a ‘Flying Grasshopper’ (adding vodka) and then created the green color with Matcha. Adding in the Matcha is great, because if you’re anything like me, that unapologetic sweetness of a traditional Grasshopper is a bit too much for the taste buds. So shaking in some Matcha helps balance out the drink a bit more. Plus, I LOVE garnishing the coupe glass with that fresh green powder sprinkled on top.

Green Matcha Grasshopper Cocktail

Matcha Grasshopper

1 oz vodka (I was feeling festive and tried coconut vodka 🥥)
1 oz creme de cacao
1 oz peppermint liqueur
1.5 oz half n half
1/2 tsp powdered matcha

To Make: Throw it all in a shaker with ice. Shake vigoursly because the Matcha wants to separate. Strain into your favorite coupe style glass. Garnish with mint plus a sprinkle of matcha or shavings of chocolate. Dealer’s choice.