3 Savory Canned Cocktails for When You're On the Go

Boozy Canned Tea Cocktail - The Owl's Brew

Boozy Tea, you say? Take my money!


I mean, who needs a fancy glass, when you have a beautifully designed, chilled aluminum can that comes ready to party?!

The Owl’s Brew just launched their canned boozy teas this spring and I was thrilled to get my hands on them, and take them for a tasting spin! Each tea balances itself out with a soft sweetness, fruity blend, and a kick of malt booze. It’s an adult beverage that’s super easy because they already did the hard work! All you need to do is, crack open, sip, and enjoy.


Green Boozy Canned Tea Cocktail - The Owl's Brew

Green Boozy

Organic White Tea + Watermelon + Raspberry

Boozy Upgrade: 2 oz. Tequila

Yellow Boozy Canned Tea Cocktail - The Owl's Brew

Yellow Boozy

Organic English Breakfast + Lemon + Lime

Boozy Upgrade: 2 oz. Vodka

Pink Boozy Canned Tea Cocktail - The Owl's Brew

Pink Boozy

Organic Darjeeling Tea + Strawberry + Hibiscus

Boozy Upgrade: 2 oz. Bourbon

Dressed Can Cocktail Fruit Garnishes

Dressed Can

So of course I cracked each flavor open, sipped, garnished, added in a little boozy upgrade to each and photographed my endeavors. I even enjoyed the Green Boozy one with watermelon (I think I might be the only person on the planet that dislikes watermelon!) but it was balanced so nicely - they might make me rethink my stance against the fruit! TBD.

Boozy Canned Tea Cocktail - The Owl's Brew


And if you’re opposed to presenting drinks out of cans at your next get-together, its cool. Bring out your favorite teacups and serve! I’m an avid thrifter and recently found some vintage, pastel Fiestaware teacups. They ended up being the perfect combo!